Monday, March 19, 2012

Deeper Within the Perspective of Drawings

The way we view art is just drawings on paper. That is art, but in the basis of human perspective, a doodle on a paper could be someone’s whole life story, or just a snippit of their life. It could be their current or past emotions, or representations of certain issues/matters at hand, currently or presently. But, to most people, it’s viewed as scraps and doodles with no particular meaning. Art requires imagination, which is it’s initial fuel. You need to look deep within a piece of art, to know many things that the picture can hold. Art opens up ideas, creates new worlds, and stylizes your life, and potentially, helps to styalize other people’s lives as well. Given the oppourtunity, if you looked at a piece of paper with random drawings of off topic things. Would your first guess be “This is really weird.” Or anything along those lines? Look deeper into the picture, not physically, but mentally. What do you think? Piece the evidence together, you’ll find out eventually.

Art: the Short Explaination

I just want to say that i appreciate all forms of artwork, digital or real life. Art is a way to express self feeling, and open mindedness. the short version is, art is a lot more than just marks on paper. Art is many things, and some things we can't explain. And that is the sortened truth. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

My Voicethread

Come and view my Voicethread on Adobe Photoshop Cs5.