Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rough Drafts: The begginings of artwork

      Rough drafts are on of the GREATEST life savers when it comes to making a project or piece of work that requires a lot. With writing, let's face it, your gonna have a LOT of drafts. Same with artwork. Making a drawing, painting, or digital picture always always ALWAYS requires a begginers sketch. Trial and error can help you fix your mistakes to make a picture look appealing to the audience (of course, your style is your choice.) Tackleing a large project head on is not the best way to go, as your work could end up sloppy. You must take the time to perfect on any mistakes you may have made in your work. You've seen this kind of work style everywhere. Presentations, music, movies, videogames... they all take time. A picture takes time as well. Remember, great artists of the past took days, even weeks to finish those paintings, and look at them now. They are displayed on the finest shelves money can buy, in a museum or gallery. Your style is your choice, but, remember the draft, you'll be thankful for it when your next project come 'round the bend.

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